Introduction of several advantages of the agricultural product traceability QR code system

2021-10-11 09:48

“The country is based on the people, food is the priority for the people, and food safety is the priority”. Food safety is an important issue related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Traditional agriculture generally has problems such as opaque information and lack of food safety management, which makes consumers unable and very difficult. It is difficult to judge the reliability and safety of agricultural products, and quality problems of agricultural products occur from time to time. With the development of mobile Internet information technology and the continuous acceleration of agricultural product e-commerce, the agricultural product traceability QR code system is used in more and more regions in the agricultural product quality supervision and traceability system. Here are some major advantages of adopting the agricultural product traceability QR code system.

  Advantage 1: Agricultural product information can be traced

The agricultural product traceability QR code system can track agricultural products, from the place of origin, through logistics, sales, and then to the consumer, all the way to trace the life trajectory of the product, only through the corresponding traceability QR code, the consumer picks up the mobile phone and scans it. Scan to get detailed information of agricultural products, so that consumers can buy and eat at ease.

  Advantage 2: Can quickly recall problematic agricultural products

  Agricultural product traceability QR code system can help companies find problematic agricultural products in real time, and recall problematic agricultural products in time to prevent re-circulation, so as to ensure the safety of consumers and the interests of the enterprise.

  Advantage 3: Agricultural product issues can be held accountable

  Using the agricultural product traceability two-dimensional code system can accurately find out the mitigation of agricultural product problems, find the person in charge of this link, and ensure that the responsibility can be investigated, and the problem can be solved in a targeted and efficient manner.

  Advantage 4: Ensure the safety of agricultural products consumption

   With the improvement of consumer standards, people have higher and higher requirements for healthy diet. Consumers will pay more attention to the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of agricultural products to ensure the safety of food.

   Advantage 5: High supply chain management

   Through the agricultural product traceability QR code system, it is possible to clearly understand the inventory problems of agricultural products and avoid problems such as accumulation of inventory or shortage of agricultural products.

   Advantage 6: Statistical monitoring of market dynamics

  Agricultural product traceability QR code system can connect each agricultural product to scan geographical distribution information, understand market demand, and help companies adjust market sales plan strategies.