NFC opens a new chapter in a new non-network payment application

2021-09-14 16:10

Blockchain is extremely hot and has become the hottest outlet at the moment. Whether it is a new enterprise that has just been established, or an Internet company that has been established for many years, or even government agencies in various countries, all of them attach great importance to blockchain technology.

In today's era, blockchain technology has been recognized by most countries in the world. Just like the rapid development of the Internet, as blockchain technology continues to deepen, it will slowly attract more people's attention. Blockchain technology was originally used as the basic framework for cryptocurrency transactions. Although it has been developed for nearly 10 years, blockchain technology is still a very new technology, and there is still a lot of potential waiting for us to go further. Dig.

Recently, a blockchain payment application ecosystem, NFC, was quietly created, and caused an uproar in the blockchain community. NFC is a professional, safe and efficient blockchain smart payment platform, which aims to create a new ecosystem of digital asset payment. There are many application scenarios of NFC in daily life, including mobile payment, card punching, identification, data transmission and so on.

Faced with the fact that payment security has not been guaranteed since the popularization of digital payments, the security of blockchain wallets, banks, payments, etc. have been maliciously attacked and stolen. The core of NFC technology lies in peer-to-peer transactions, without the Internet, and transactions like cash. To create a more secure payment environment, the two parties and multi-party payment transactions in the NFC scenario do not require the Internet to ensure that the payment is more secure, and the key, quantum, and radio frequency can be used for successful transactions.

After understanding from many parties, the NFC blockchain communication technology patent (referred to as NFC). NFC was first obtained in 2004. Up to now, the NFC blockchain technology is in life, and the payment field has obtained a large number of technical patents around the world. With the development and popularization of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers, NFC technology has become more and more popular. Many applications. The US patent team led by Mike Victor obtained 193 international patents for the technology. The Korean team Jin Shixuan and Ichiro Makino’s Japanese team achieved major breakthroughs in blockchain patents. The NFC technical team has a greater technical advantage in the field of communication payments. , And attach great importance to the layout of international patents. The number of users and groups of NFC digital tokens is huge, and its application to the financial payment field will make NFC even more magnificent.

The birth of the application of NFC technology has also received extensive attention worldwide. Telecom operators and mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad have carried out pilot applications in succession, and some international associations have also actively carried out standardization work. According to the prediction of relevant organizations in the industry, mobile phone applications based on near-field communication technology will become the next heavyweight application of mobile value-added services.

At present, the landing of many blockchain applications and development has not been popularized on a global scale. This is also the huge potential market that NFC currently sees. Adhering to fairness, justice and openness, NFC will make every effort to achieve a consensus value community between developers and value creators in the field of blockchain applications on a global scale. Use NFC technology to provide high-quality financial payment services for mankind, and jointly create and enjoy a new future.