The first international standard for QR code symbology led by China was officially released

2021-09-02 10:29

China Economic Net, Beijing, September 2nd. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Association (IEC) officially released the Chinese Xin code ISO/IEC international standard-ISO/IEC 20830:2021 "Information Technology Automatic Identification and Data Acquisition Technology Chinese Letter Code Bar Code Symbol Specification. This international standard is the first two-dimensional code system international standard proposed and led by China. It is a major breakthrough in the development of my country’s automatic identification and data collection technology. Dimension code technology "stuck neck" problem.

The Hanxin code is independently developed by the China Article Coding Center. It is a two-dimensional code system with completely independent intellectual property rights. It has free intellectual property rights, supports encoding in any language, has strong Chinese character information encoding capabilities, and has strong anti-fouling and anti-distortion The outstanding characteristics of reading ability, fast reading speed, high information density, large information capacity, and strong error correction ability have reached the international leading level. Hanxin Code has realized the surpassing of the underlying technology of my country's two-dimensional code, and can achieve large-scale applications in many fields and industries in my country, providing reliable core technical support for my country's application of two-dimensional code technology.

The issuance of the ISO/IEC international standards for Hanxin code is an important milestone in my country’s independent innovation in the field of automatic identification and data acquisition technology. It is a successful example of the "national standard going global" strategy, which has greatly improved China’s international QR code technology field. The right to speak has written a glorious chapter for the development of QR code technology in our country.

   News background:

   In 2003, in order to solve the monopoly of the international QR code, the China Article Numbering Center applied for the national "Tenth Five-Year Plan" important technical standard research project, determined to make the Chinese own QR code. In 2007, my country’s first national two-dimensional code standard with completely independent intellectual property rights, "Han Xin Code" (GB/T 21049-2007), developed by the China Article Coding Center, was officially released. From my country's national standards to international standards, the research and development process of Hanxin Code has condensed the history of the rise of technology in my country.

  From the national standard to the AIM standard, the first step towards the international

   In 2011, Hanxin code went a step further and became the official code system standard of the International Association of Automatic Identification Manufacturers (AIM Global). The formulation and release of the AIM international standard of Han Xin code marks that Han Xin code has officially obtained the recognition and support of the international automatic identification technology industry and major automatic identification technology companies, and has become one of the international mainstream code systems. AIM Global praises the Hanxin code technology and encourages China to upgrade the Hanxin code to an ISO standard as soon as possible.

   Become an ISO/IEC international standard and establish an international authority status

   The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Institute (IEC) are globally recognized international standardization organizations. In 2015, the Hanxin code standard was successfully established in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31 (ISO/IEC Information Technology Committee Automatic Identification and Data Acquisition Technical Subcommittee).

   In the following years, the Hanxin Code ISO International Standard Project has gone through four stages of solicitation and revision of opinions. On July 28, 2021, the Hanxin Code ISO International Standard Project was approved unanimously. On August 27, the Han Xin Code ISO International Standard ISO/IEC 20830 "Information technology — Automatic identification and data capture techniques — Han Xin Code bar code symbology specification" Officially published.