In order to reduce exposure and reduce the risk of infection, US restaurants have launched QR code o

2021-08-24 09:01

American restaurants have recently become popular for ordering by scanning codes. According to a report by the US Consumer News and Business Channel on the 21st, during the epidemic, in order to reduce contact and reduce the risk of infection, restaurants across the United States began to widely use QR code ordering instead of physical menus. Relevant statistics show that in the past 18 months, the number of downloads of QR codes by US merchants has increased by 750%.

In addition to reducing the risk of infection, scanning codes to order meals can also help restaurants learn more about customers. Although many restaurants have been providing reservation services before, except for the person who made the reservation, the restaurant has no way of knowing the information of other customers who come to eat. A restaurant reservation service company said: “The QR code allows you to know who your guests are as soon as they sit down.”

The report believes that even if the epidemic is over, scanning code ordering will continue, and it will become one of the fixed ways of ordering in American restaurants in the future. But for those high-end restaurants, they still tend to use traditional menus to order dishes in the short term. Netizens hold different views on ordering meals by scanning codes. Some people "like this approach a lot", while others "prefer paper menus." Others said, "Chinese restaurants have been used for a long time, not to mention more convenient, safe and fast."