Smart community supermarket Scanning code becomes the main method of payment convenience

2021-08-02 01:51

Smart community supermarket Scanning code becomes the main method of payment convenience

Issuing time: 2018-05-29 17:39

   From traditional supermarket shopping to smart shopping, improving the supermarket shopping experience is the new direction of the supermarket project. The launch of Wal-Mart's Smart Community Supermarket "Huixuan" has become China's first smart community supermarket. What does the smart community supermarket look like and what is the difference with traditional supermarkets? Explore the country's first smart community supermarket.

   When shopping at the mall, waiting in line for half a day when paying the order; shopping online, if you can’t see the real thing, you have to wait for the goods to be delivered. This is the trouble that many consumers encounter in their daily consumption. In recent years, with the emergence of new retail concepts, more and more merchants have used big data, artificial intelligence and other means to upgrade and transform multiple links of commodity production, circulation and sales, and the consumption patterns of citizens have also changed accordingly. Self-service and convenient Modernization and intelligence are increasingly becoming the main means for most new retailers to attract consumers.

   Citizens show the code to the QR code shopping system at Huixuan supermarket

  1: Scan while shopping, intelligent throughout the shopping process

Just landed in the smart community supermarket in Bao'an District-Walmart Huixuan Supermarket, and saw that many residents used their mobile phones to scan the goods while scanning the codes, while selecting their favorite products, and using the WeChat applet to scan the goods. 2 Dimension code. Citizens can walk around and scan. After scanning the code, they can put the physical goods into the shopping cart, complete the payment online, and then show the order exit code to the "scan code purchase" system when they leave, and they can walk directly out of the supermarket.

   The whole shopping process is self-service. Consumers can scan whatever they want to buy, and check out whenever they want, which is favored by many citizens. In fact, in recent years, many merchants have introduced similar scan code shopping methods.

   Located in the F5 Future Store in the Nanshan District Science and Technology Park, the sparrow is small and complete. In the indoor space of about 20 square meters, there are display pictures of beverages, snacks, and daily necessities. A corresponding QR code is placed next to each product display map. After the citizens scan the QR code to pay, they can get the physical products they purchased at the shipping window.

   In addition, intelligence is also one of the highlights of the upgrade of traditional stores. In Huixuan Supermarket, customers can search and locate the specific location of the product by entering keywords through the WeChat applet, saving customers the time to find the product. In addition, Huixuan Supermarket also uses electronic price tags, which are operated by the background to change prices and update price tag information in real time.

  2: Self-service is convenient, how consumers have the final say

   In addition to introducing intelligence into the sales model, convenience is also a major focus of the upgrade of new retail methods. In the F5 Future Store, the reporter saw that the store opened a machine on-site production and sales window in the store based on the large number of migrant workers and white-collar workers in the Science and Technology Park. Consumers can choose traditional noodles such as cart noodles, fish balls, and fish tofu. Convenient food sold in convenience stores and freshly made beverages such as coffee, milk tea, and juice.

   In terms of product checkout, in addition to scanning code shopping, self-service cashier is also a new form launched by many merchants. In the Rainbow WELL GO unattended convenience store experience, after the customer selects the product, he scans the code to confirm his identity and enters the convenience store settlement area according to the instructions. Automatic deduction. In Huixuan supermarket, consumers can also choose self-service cashier to check out. The customer is a "cashier". After scanning the code of each product on the sensor, they can print a receipt to pay for the checkout.

  3: The new retail form of the store is favored by young customers

   New retail stores are favored by many young customers. In the F5 Future Store, within half an hour of the consumer experience, 6 customers between the ages of 20 and 35 went in to buy goods. In the Rainbow WELL GO unattended convenience store Carnian Center store located in Che Kung Temple, the passenger flow of the store has increased significantly during the peak and noon hours of white-collar workers in the surrounding office buildings.

   It is worth mentioning that on the first day of trial operation, Huixuan Supermarket had more than 1,000 orders. In addition, the highest online order volume in a single day accounts for nearly 30% of the total store transactions that day.