Epidemic prevention behind the "Golden Health Code"

2021-08-02 01:44

Get the vaccine to unlock the "Golden Health Code". From May 19, the "Hebei Health Code" has been upgraded. The three terminals of the "Hebei Health Code" APP, the "Hebei Health Code" WeChat Mini Program and the Alipay Mini Program will provide health for all people who have been vaccinated against the new crown in Hebei Province. A golden frame will be added to the code, and a crown will be worn if the number of inoculations is completed.

   I have to say that the golden health code in Hebei has a very high value and is worthy of your possession. Not only is it good-looking, it is also easy to obtain. As long as the vaccine is vaccinated, the “Great Wall” icon will be replaced with a “golden skin”, and a golden border is added around it. The four corners of the frame will display the corresponding number of golden injection marks according to the number of vaccinations. After completing all the injections and vaccinations, a golden crown will be displayed above the health code. This way of being "the king" is really possible.

   In fact, the emergence of the golden health code is a new sample of good public services, a benign interaction between the active participation of the masses and the support of the government. It is reported that the "golden skin blessing" is the idea and suggestion of netizens, and it gives the beautiful vision of "Phnom Penh protects the body from a hundred poisons" from a subjective perspective. Such an interesting move, which is similar to the slogan "We Miao Miao Miao", has further stimulated everyone's enthusiasm and initiative for vaccination. This "golden idea" should come true.

   Of course, the golden health code is just a new propaganda method. The ultimate goal is to guide everyone to complete the new crown vaccination as soon as possible and form herd immunity as soon as possible. Even if many places adopt online appointments, extend the vaccination time, expand the population of vaccination, set up temporary or centralized vaccination sites, and provide door-to-door vaccination, some groups still hold a wait-and-see attitude. Dangerous, the heart of epidemic prevention is indispensable.

   Now that the "Golden Health Code" has been launched as scheduled, the anti-epidemic anticipation behind it also has no reason to fall. While the golden health code provides us with a stronger sense of satisfaction and vaccination, it also needs to have a social atmosphere that actively vaccinates the new crown vaccine. It should become a consensus that "everything should be done, and the ability to grow must be seeded". Vaccination is not only a "private matter", but also a "public matter". We should all follow the golden health code's prompts to complete the new crown vaccination as soon as possible and on time to provide beneficial assistance for the province to build a herd immunity barrier.