Products ——
The company develops the following products:barcode/2D reader,magnetic reader,smart card reader,
contactless reader,ID card reader etc.The company provides software, hardware and overall solutions for these products.
BT980 is the barcode/2D scanner of long-distance scanning.It can scan the QR CODE of WeChat/Alipay up to 180cm.

Rapid scanning module
BT500 is a rapid scanner that embedded in the device,It can scan a moving bar code of 3m/s.
Auto E-passport/ID card Reader
The AR-20O-V5 seriesis is the motorized CIS dual-sided card scanner, support various card like E-passport, ID card, drivers' license, insurance card, health card, citizen card, and other identity cards.
BM315 is a barcode/2D code scanning module with independent design, high integration and high stability.

Application —— The products were used in Parking machine/Kiosk/POS/Access control System/Armarium etc.
Parking Machine
Access Control System

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